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The Templated Website Service

If you need something simple and affordable, but DIYing is not an option for you, a templated website may be right for you.

Light Theme

Take a Look

Bold Theme

Take a Look

Classic Theme

Take a Look

Affordable and Done in  as little as 4 Weeks

Business owners starting out don’t need something extrvagant or large which costs money and time, but they absolutely do need something professional to build trust with potential clients.

Step-By-Step Process and Advice Along The way

I take you through a structured process that ensures we stay on track and that you get what you want. When you need help or advice on different components of your website, I am there to help.

Easy To Use, Change, and Grow With You

The templates are built in WordPress and using a drag and drop theme builder. You can easily make changes yourself, and add more pages as you change and grow. It’s easy to use and maintain on the backend.

What’s Included:

  • 30-Minute Planning Meeting
  • 30-Minute Branding Meeting where we discuss aesthetic, and feeling
  • DIY Branding Activity for you to discover your tone and look-inspiration
  • “Start Logo” which is a simple text based logo
  • Colour scheme and fonts
  • One round of revisions on the branding board
  • Installation of WordPress, one of three themes, and associated Plugins
  • Text templates for you to fill out
  • Installation of your texts, chosen colours, logo, fonts and images for up to 5 pages
  • Integration with your mailing list provider
  • Integration with an external booking calendar or external cart
  • One round of revisions on the website
  • Mobile optimization
  • Access to theme video training library
  • Advice and support along the way

Investment: € 1750 –

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Featured Launch

“ You have captured exactly what I wanted to express.”

“It was a very very good process. I felt taken care of. The whole time you had this insight and understanding of what I wanted. The way you are is so important, the way you listen, and the way you care. I got the feeling that I mattered, a deep feeling of security. I knew I was in the right hands, good hands.

And it’s a website I could only dream of and I’ve only only only gotten positive feedback. Everyone loves it! You have captured exactly what I wanted to express.

The maintenance was the best thing to do. Didn’t have to considerate it very long. It was a no-brainer.

Marianne Horseboeg • Coach

More Examples

The Classic Theme for
Parnass Coaching

“I am very pleased with how it all went. Thank you so much for your great work. You are really super professional and everything worked out great.” Gerhard Muller

The Light Theme for
Wild Womb Ayurveda

“Everything looks amazing!!
Thank you so much!!! 💕” 
Malia Michaels

Enhance your website with

  • Additional design and layout customizations
  • Dual language
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Long-term maintanence and support
  • Email marketing set-up
  • Booking calendar set-up
  • Payment gateway set-up


Why would I choose this service when I can DIY with the latest tools?

I’ve worked with nearly every website platform. I have clients who choose to hire me for website maintenance who have built their own websites on the various platforms. There is a huge learning curve no matter what. Some people have the kind of mind that can pick up tech things easily (I’m one of them), some people don’t – you may be one of them.

When you’re a top-tier professional in your field, I wouldn’t expect you to also be a great designer or techy person. It’s difficult to get that level of professionalism in a website or any business materials while DIYing.

What other costs are there to having the template website built?
You will need to purchase your domain name (URL)

You will also need a subscription to a web hosting server where the template will be installed. I recommend FlyWheel Managed WordPress Hosting “Tiny” plan, which costs $150/year. I also recommend Siteground web hosting with first year costing around €35 euro.

You may also want to have a professional photoshoot done.

None of the three themes work for what I envision for my business, what other options do you have?

The themes are very flexible. We can either choose a theme and enhance the package with the customization add-on, or tell me what doesn’t work and I’ll see if it fits within the scope of the package how it is. For example, if you think the theme has too many images or colours, we can create toned down branding, and remove the images. Additionally, I build completely custom websites with designs perfect for just you.

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