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“A couple of months ago I lost momentum in my business. Nothing worked. I’m not used to that. In 12 years of entrepreneurship and as an expert business coach myself, I can really realign and switch my business fast so that it flows again, but this time it was different. I tried different approaches but nothing worked and I felt restless, worried and frustrated.

When Laura started to clean and re-organize my office, I suddenly could see how my neglected working space blocked new energy from flowing in. There was too much stuff in there and old emotions such as grief were attached to the space. I just didn’t see it.

It was fascinating to see how Laura operated – fast and so meticulous. It was as if she was possessed by something higher. Really. Move over Marie Kondo. I had to shed tears during the process and the day after I felt really tired as I integrated the experience.

The space looks brand new! I let go of the backpacker, nomad in me and embraced the woman and professional entrepreneur that I am. I now feel peace, confidence and inspiration while working in my new office. New ideas came to me.

I suddenly appreciate the things that I already have. Whether it’s all the trainings and studies that I’ve completed, the clothes in my wardrobe, or the clients that I’ve coached in the past – it all has a rightful place now.

Before you can work on the outside of your business I really recommend you hire Laura to work on the inside of your house and clear old energy. She is truly a business healer who should be top interior decorator for the rich and famous. I have a totally new fancy space where I even dare to invite friends and clients again. It now feels like my money making business sanctuary.

It has been an incredible and magical journey.”

Mariella Serra · Talent and Business Coach

“My website and branding didn’t reflect me and my current work, and didn’t present the level of professionalism that I’m working at.

Laura and her team helped me determine new branding that totally felt like me, copy that sounded like the best of me, and totally upgraded the professionalism of my website. The best parts were working with someone who also trusts their intuition to create something amazing! I also loved how Laura’s a true tech pro!

I now have a website that I’m proud to share with the media and influencers, I feel totally represented in my branding, and I can breathe easy with a year of ongoing support as I’m figuring out the new platform.”

Jennifer Scribner · Body Wisdom Nutrition

“The initial process in the development of the website was definitely a fun surprise.

Laura worked with me to make sure that my vision and goals for the website were always at the forefront. Her expertise and enthusiasm made the whole website creation process very seamless.

I have worked with a few web designer’s, but nobody like Laura. She is thorough and provided me with step by step processes along the way. Her ambition and urgency on the completion of my site, made the process much more enjoyable.

She added so much value to my company including efficiency, ease, and an increase in profits from the very first day of launching it.
Thank you Laura for helping me every step of the way and for creating, not just developing a beautiful and automated website, but for changing the face of my whole business.”

Keisha Luke · Culinary Nutritionist

“My psychology practise had been growing rapidly and I was ready to step up my marketing game. My business’ website has always been key to my business and getting referrals, and since it had been five years since my original website was launched, I knew it was time for something new and up to date.

Working with Laura was natural. She guided me along, spending time developing the website in an organized way. The experience was parallel to the work I do with my counselling clients.

Now I have a website that really feels like it represents who we are in Turning Stone Counseling. It’s clean, down to earth and feminine. It has so much flow and it’s up to date.”

Carlada Razmus · Turning Stone Counseling

“I’m so happy I found Laura. Before I met her, I had hired several other people to design my website, but it was never a true fit. They would good at one thing (like design or programming), but never the rest.

As an intuitive person, my website has to feel right, and Laura really got me. She understood what I was looking for and was able to work with me hand in hand. Together we came up with a design that truly resonated.

Laura is really an “all-inclusive” person to go to, because she understands marketing, writing, is super tech savvy, and has an eye for the right design.

Only after working with Laura it was that I realized, that I had to hire another intuitive person to create what I was looking for. Because when you hire someone who is not, it will never have that feel to it, that you are looking for.

Thank you so much!”

Maris Severance · Intimacy Coach

“At the time when we began working with Laura, I didn’t even think about my work as a business. I went to conferences, was a doula companion, and had a book. There were all these different parts that were floating around.

Laura understood my work on a profound level, and because of that, helped me see the bigger vision. Now, my business partner and I operate The Center for Doula Pathways. We educate and certify doulas around the world.

Laura helped us build the center from the ground up – from design, to writing important sales texts, to our client management. We managed to increase our revenue 5x.

She could see where there were leaking holes in the way we managed things, and then develop systems for keeping track. When it came to things like filing my taxes or doing client follow-up, or pretty much anything else, there was this clear overview, and it made running the business side of things easy.

Working with Laura creates structure for business. I thought I had business structure prior to our work together, but the way she implemented new systems took things to a completely different level of ease and organization.

Now I’m no longer running around doing 10 different jobs at once, because everything is automated.”

Camalo Gaskin, Founder The Center For Doula Pathways, Germany

“Before Laura’s help I was struggling for days to put together a site that looked mediocre. Laura turned it around like a boss and she did it in style. My site suddenly became a joy to look at an hang out on. It impressed a lot of people and they started asking me how I pulled it off. If you are serious with your business, she’s the pro to go to, to cover your back.”

Klemen Thomas, Relationship Coach, Slovenia

“I’ve felt reassured knowing I have someone to call to get things fixed quickly! When my blog disappeared for no reason, you had it up within a day. When I wanted a unique (but complicated) image slider on my individual blog posts – you were the one who knew how to set it up. When I needed a beautiful “as seen on” logos graphic added to my website, you made and installed one quickly.”

Chiara Condi, Founder, Non-profit, France

“Business tasks that have been on the back of my to-do list for 2 years (and items that would have taken me over a month to complete myself) were knocked out by Laura in just 3 days – plus delivered beautifully and efficiently. Because of the work being done, I finally did my first Facebook live video with the confidence to share my landing page – something I had been stuck on for a while.”

Jennie Ward, Psychologist, Canada

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