Red Rock Search & Rescue

The non-profit highly skilled search and rescue organization in Las Vegas, Neveda that runs with over 200 volunteers who search for missing loved ones.

Parnass Coaching

Switzerland-based career coaching especially for those with a background in the arts. We implemented the Classic Theme in this project for a starter website.

Maris Severance | Intimacy Coach

An intimacy coach helping women embody femininity and lead from the heart, offering multiple services including a group class.

Turning Stone Counseling

A psychology practise employing six counsellors and delivering over ten different types of counselling services, plus additional community services.

Body Wisdom Nutrition

Published author, GAPS Diet expert, and a blog of over 200 popular posts on nutrition and a non-toxic lifestyle.

Michelle DeWitt | Intuitive Advisor

An intuitive advisor getting her professional website ready for her to step into her true calling in a big way. We included an automated quiz, and payment integration for her services.

Keisha Luke | Culinary Nutritionist

A multi-passionate gut health educator and culinary nutritionist, with a Toronto-based meal delivery service – set up online to order.

Available Templates:

Light Theme

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Bold Theme

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Classic Theme

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Light Theme | Wild Womb Ayurveda

An ayurvedic consultation practise in the US focussed on women’s health.

Bold Theme | Carmen Suarez

A duo languagw site for an executive coach based in Spain using a basic template package without additional customizations.

Classic Theme | Michelle Goldsworthy

A combination psychology/counselling and yoga practise based in Ontario, Canada.

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