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Web Developer and
Online Business Manager

With a passion for small business, I spent over a decade learning  skills that would make it so I could take any business idea and turn it into a reality really fast.

What started with a struggle to code even a single line of CSS to make my online jewelry store look exactly the way I wanted it to look when the website template wasn’t “doing it for me”, turned into a career as a front-end developer, learning design, optimization, online business management, project planning, and marketing to become a full-service provider for visionary, but very non-techy, sensitive and usually intuitive clients.

What does that look like for you practically?

  • I create the systems behind how clients are managed. Think invoicing setup, templated emails, intake forms, spreadsheets, digital contracts, and client handouts
  • I design and create the materials for you to promote your business such as brochures, sales pages, and email templates
  • I set up email marketing, booking calendars, and payment gateways and make sure everything works together
  • I design and build websites, e-commerce platforms, and e-courses from scratch or from one of my templates
  • I provide on-call support to help you with ongoing projects that require some technical and design help, or to help fix any glitch or problem

“Laura is really an ‘all-inclusive’ person to go to, because she understands marketing, writing, is super tech savvy, and has an eye for the right design. Only after working with Laura it was that I realized that I had to hire another intuitive person to create what I was looking for. Because when you hire someone who is not, it will never have that feel to it, that you are looking for.”

Maris Severance

Intimacy Coach

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You’re starting out or need somthing simple

Take a look at my templated website service. You can have your professional website created in under a month with a small budget.

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You’re established or have a new big idea

A custom website or package could be right for you, where we start from scratch and create exactly what you want around your specific needs.

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You need someone reliable to call for help

I can be on your team to take care of all of your tech and business systems, including web maintance, tech support, or supporting ongoing ideas.

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