About Me

Acting in service as an expression of love

My passion for small independent businesses sparked my desire to serve them – in multiple capacities.

That passion started while I was still studying. I took a job at an independent retail boutique and something opened up for me.

Not something I learned in school, I witnessed that owning a business, any business where you offer what you want and love to offer, can be a rewarding and dynamic career path. And it doesn’t have to be big, as long as there’s heart and authenticity involved.

So I started my own business.

First a recipe and travel blog that I attempted monetization with, while learning e-commerce, web development and a variety of other skills. I moved on to open an online handmade jewelry shop, and finally when I graduated from nutrition school, I was set to open my nutrition practice. At the time in Toronto, the nutrition field was one that didn’t offer traditional career opportunities, and with my growing entrepreneurial background, it was perfect for me!

Then things took a turn when I moved to Paris and found out I couldn’t practice nutrition there. I unexpectedly found myself applying all the online business skills I had developed and pivoting into the world of web development, mastering designing websites and online business management, serving primarily established entrepreneurs.

And this is what I continue to do today, supporting small businesses, still with the same passion.

It makes me incredibly happy supporting people to do what they love to do for a living! I believe that when you do what you love, it creates ripple out into the world – a happiness ripple.

A New Way

How do I want business to be done? Not only on the small business level, but globally, including within giant corporations? Everything starts with one. By embodying how I wish all business was conducted in the world, within my own micro-corner and behaviour, I wish to demonstrate and contribute to a futuristic ideal situation, in the present.

“Laura is really an ‘all-inclusive’ person to go to, because she understands marketing, writing, is super tech savvy, and has an eye for the right design. Only after working with Laura it was that I realized that I had to hire another intuitive person to create what I was looking for. Because when you hire someone who is not, it will never have that feel to it, that you are looking for.”

Maris Severance

Intimacy Coach

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