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For small businesses, established entrepreneurs, and organizations

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Business Management and Organization

Get help creating structure and efficiency around running your business. Get support for planning and executing new projects and ongoing business tasks.

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Web Design and Development

I develop user-friendly business websites, e-commerce platforms, and e-courses. I’m also available to design all the digital materials a business needs.

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Tech Support for
Small Businesses

Get support implementing tech or automation functions  into your existing website or for use in your business systems. Have me on call for quick tech problem resolution.

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“Laura helped us build our centre from the ground up – from design, to website development, to our client management, and more. Her services took our business to a completely different level of ease and organization and we managed to increase our revenue by 5 times.”

Camalo Gaskin

Founder, Center for
Doula Pathways

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This guide will show you how to go through every room in your house. Sort through documents, household items, clothing, and more. Deep clean your individual spaces. End the space clearing with an energetic ritual. 

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If you want a custom website built, you'll have to purchase a domain name and a subscription to web hosting. This workshop teaches you what these two things are, plus where and how to purchase them. 

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A few times a year I send updates by email about new things happening in my business journey, to provide you with inspiration and insights that can be helpful. This is the best way to keep in touch with me if you think my services could be helpful to you in the future.

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